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About 23 years ago, while living in Eureka Springs AR, we had a devastating loss due to a fire. We lost antiques, books, records, clothing, furniture.

One of our saddest losses was the incineration of ALL of my photography….personal, commercial, prints, negatives everything.

The photographs spanned nearly 2 decades of accumulated work, from Under Graduate through Grad school and beyond.

We were absolutely certain of this and had put it behind us years ago.


Fast forward to Spring 2015.


My dear friend and first assistant, Russ Powell, called me from Little Rock. He asked me if I was sitting down…I didn’t what to expect but said” OK yes.”

A week earlier, he decided to go up to his parents' attic and look for some things he was missing…while in the attic he saw an old box and peeked inside…that is when he discovered some film…4x5 medium format and 35mm.

He said he doesn’t remember…but apparently he had taken several hundred of my personal negatives and put them in his parents’ attic right before the fire had occurred….he was supposedly planning on helping me organize and proof the images.

I was shocked and amazed to find out that what I thought was gone forever was now going to be in our hands again after such a long time.

The photos date back to the late-70s to the mid-80s.

It isn’t every photograph I had but enough to help heal the loss we suffered.

Friends, family, landscapes, strangers…all taken in North Louisiana and South Arkansas.

See the link below to the recent article in "The Oxford American". as well as the video we put together for the exhibit "Once was Lost"


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